Lost and Found Series

Lost and Found Series Synopsis & Overview

By Fern Michaels

A new series fearing Luna Sage Bodman, a 30 year-old kooky-hippie who dabbles in psychology, and occasional psychic “cold-readings,” and her 32 year-old brother Cullan Bodman, strait-laced and all business.  When they were in college Luna was a psychology major which required several courses in paranormal-psychology as well as classes studying body language. With her knowledge of human behavior, and a dash of intuition, she would often do readings to make extra cash while she was in school.

Cullan loved his sister and was her protector when others  sneered at her quirky behavior even though he was never sure if she possessed any extraordinary talent.  In fact he was not sure about anything that could not be quantified mathematically.  But more often than not, Luna she would shock him with information she had gleaned from her instincts and intellect.

When their parents retired, they turned over their very lucrative antique business to Cullen and Luna.  The family owned several antique stores and would search for specific items from high paying clients.

Luna dresses like a hippie, with hair down to her waist.  She wears a headband, lots of bracelets, and rings—a throwback to 1969.  She has a keen eye for quality, and art, which makes her tolerable to some of the snooty clientele.  Cullan, dresses like he walked out of Brooks Brothers which makes him much more suitable to customers. Plus, his business acumen gives him an edge on negotiating.

Each book will follow the story of an antique, and its hidden secrets, lies, and often dangerous past. The sordid history of anything misplaced, lost, moved or forgotten, might be discovered if Cullen lets Luna have her way.

As of this date, September 1, 2022 there will be a minimum of 5 books in the series.

1. Hidden

2. Secrets

3. Liar!