Hello Friends,

March comes in like a Lion???  Been on the warm side, all over the country.

Lots going on this month and into the first week of April.  First, we have The Ides of March, the day when Julius Caesar was assassinated.  Most people were taught that Caesar was warned by a soothsayer “Beware the Ides of March,” but, in fact, the line comes from William Shakespeare in his play, Julius Caesar.  Interesting, eh?  And “Et tu Brute?”  (And you too, Brutus?  Accusing his friend of treason) was also from the play.  By the way, the play was written in 1599, by candlelight.  Glad I have electricity and a computer!

Two days after the Ides, we have St. Patrick’s Day.  Here’s another interesting factoid.  St. Patrick was kidnapped when he was sixteen and worked as a shepherd for six years.  During that time, he received a “message from God” telling him to flee to the coast where he would find freedom.  And he did, which was what inspired him to become a priest.  The legend that he banished “snakes” from Ireland is an allegory—he actually banished paganism from Ireland.  I guess pagans were called snakes at the time.

At the end of the month, we have Easter.  I mention this every year because I find it fascinating.  As you know, Easter falls on different Sundays.  Why?  Because it’s the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the Equinox.  Equinox is March 19th.  Full Moon is March 26.  The next Sunday is March 31st.

Now that we’ve completed the history part of this letter, let’s move on to things more personal.  The fur family is doing just fine, and I still haven’t been able to figure out who is unraveling the toilet paper.  Some of you know, Miz Boo’s front paw is a stump, which is what has me stumped.  When I ask them who made the mess, they all look at each other and shrug.  Mind games.

I also want to remind you about cyber security.  There is an enormous amount of scams and spam flooding the internet.  When you search for a specific company or website, make sure https: accompanies the name of the company.  It’s easy to be fooled into thinking you’re logging into one website when it isn’t what you think it is.  Be careful.  It’s scary and dangerous out there in cyberspace.

Book news:  The Wild Side will be published on March 26th.  Melanie Drake, a seemingly ordinary guidance counselor, gets dragged into doing one final job for her previous boss at the Department of Special Investigations, and goes undercover as a high-class escort to bring down a dangerous network of ruthless and powerful men.  I’ll be giving away a signed copy in this month’s contest, as well as a few of my favorites.  Goodreads is also sponsoring a contest.  So be sure to enter one or both.  I think you’ll like Melanie.  She’s a kick-ass character.

Be well, be safe, be happy.  Thanks for stopping by.
All the best,