Dear Friends,

Even though the summer hasn’t officially started, the weather has been extremely hot and steamy, although that’s not new to South Carolina.  It seems like it lasts longer and gets hotter more often, and we keep flipping the pages of the calendar much faster.  I know you know what I am talking about.  Scientists at NASA have said that our solar system is moving faster through the universe. It’s infinitesimal, yet somehow we seem to feel it.  Speaking of the spinning of the planets, I hope some of you were able to see the Northern Lights courtesy of a solar storm.  Yep.  Solar Storm.  There’ve been three so far this summer.  Makes you wonder, or better we don’t!  LOL.

Most of you know that I have become one of those “Cat Ladies.”  I refrain from inserting the word “Crazy” but give me time.  They make me laugh out loud.  I can honestly say I probably do sound like a crazy cat lady.  I love those hooligans to the moon and back.

As far as book stuff, this month’s contest will be a grand prize of signed copies of ON THE LINE, TINY BLESSINGS, HIDE & SEEK, KISS & TELL, THE WILD SIDE, all stuffed inside a canvas tote bag.  Two other winners will receive signed copies of ON THE LINE.

The paperback edition of ON THE LINE is on sale now.  It’s filled with history and contemporary themes.  You will find yourself in the midst of Pablo Escobar’s narco-terrorist reign in the 1980’s and follow a family that goes to great lengths to escape to America.  Their son becomes the new “it” chef in the New York culinary scene, but a mysterious blood infection stops him in his tracks, while dark family secrets are revealed.

That’s my news for now.  Be safe, be kind, stay cool, and have fun.

All the best,