Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well.  I was looking over some of my previous letters.  Three years ago we were in the midst of a pandemic.  Seems like yesterday when you could walk into a bank wearing a mask and no one would call the police.  Ha.  Glad that’s behind us, but let’s not get complacent my friends.  It’s flu season, and there are a few different strains running amuck.  So still be mindful when you’re in public, especially if someone is sneezing and not covering their mouth.  And, of course, wash your hands.  That was my health reminder for the month.

The weather has been crazy everywhere and it seems as if the sun has taken a very long vacation.  I keep trying to sing “The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow” but then I am reminded I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so I’ll sing it in my head.

Here’s a factoid about Groundhog Day:  I heard that Staten Island Chuck has a better forecasting average than Punxsutawney Phil.  Chuck’s accuracy is 80% while Phil’s is 39%.  My money is on Chuck.  In either case, Spring is due on March 19th this year.

Besides Ground Hog Day, we also have Valentine’s Day.  I have mixed feelings.  As a writer of romance novels, I am sometimes ambivalent about it.  I know that sounds contrary but the reason I write those types of novels is because it’s the kind of romantic experience we wish we could have.  And who says we can’t?  If no one buys you candy this year, buy some for yourself.  Or buy yourself a new purse.  Something to treat yourself.  We shouldn’t have to wait for other people to do something nice for us.  That being said, in addition to signed books, this month’s contest will include a small box of four real, red preserved roses to share the love.  Also is a signed copy of THE WILD SIDE.  It’s an advance reading copy.  I believe I explained what that was in a previous letter, but just in case you missed it, the publisher prints a very limited edition of uncorrected proofs to be sent to reviewers in order to give them time to read it and review it before the book goes on sale.  In addition, it will include a copy of ROCK BOTTOM – #35 in The Sisterhood.  #35!  Wow.  I am amazed, so thank you for your continued support.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Be well.  Be safe.  Be kind.  And keep your sense of humor!

All the best,