Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well.  It’s hard to imagine that we are almost a year into this pandemic.  I know people are climbing the walls.  I am grateful I have a large enough house that if I had to spend time with other people I could easily hide.  I count my blessings each and every day.  I saw a very funny cartoon with a woman saying, “We’ve child-proofed the house.  But they keep getting in!”   Humor, folks.  We’ve got to cling to it.  Imagine, Spring is only 6 ½ weeks away.  With some luck we’ll be on the other side of this crazy time in history and on to a new season of good health and hope.

Lots of things happening this month.  We have Ground Hog Day.  Funny thing, it seems like every day has been Ground Hog Day for the past 10 months! See, humor.  I’m squeezing as much of it out of me as I can.  Here’s an idea:  Send me your favorite jokes!  If they make me laugh I’ll share them.

Keep thinking happy thoughts.

My personal animal farm is doing well.  Still can’t believe I’m a cat owner.  Not one, but three.  The first one who came along is Winny.  The skinny cat kept showing up on my porch.  I felt sorry for the poor thing so I put out some food.  Hello?  Did anyone ever tell you that if you put food out, they will come?  Just like the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come.”  Same thing goes for animals. Build them outdoor dining and you have a pet.  Here’s the funny thing about Winny.  When I finally got the critter into the house and went to the vet, much to my surprise Winny was really a Winston.  Yep.  She was really a he. Like I said, I’ve never been a cat person.  Who knew?  Now we have Miz Boo and her mama, Tessie too.

Besides Ground Hog Day we also have Valentine’s Day.  I have mixed feelings. As a writer of romance novels I am sometimes ambivalent about it.  I know that sounds contrary but the reason I write those types of novels is because it’s the kind of romantic experience we wish we can have.  And who says we can’t?  If no one buys you candy this year buy some for yourself.  Or buy yourself a new purse.  Something to treat yourself.  We shouldn’t have to wait for other people to do something nice for us. I am sure most of you have had your hands full this past year.  A little retail therapy works wonders.  Even if it’s just a new lipstick.

This month’s contest is a signed edition of my next hardcover No Way Out coming in April.  I’m thrilled to announce that it’s going to be in promotion at Target for Mother’s Day.   That’s all I’ve got for now.  Be well.  Be safe.  Be kind.

All the best,