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Thank you for joining me today.  The website has a whole lot of information about my books, but right now I want to get personal.  Each month I hope to share some insight as to what inspires me, and what I am up to when I’m not writing.

Deep Harbor

Dear Reader,

This month there is a lot to talk about and I hope I can create a little diversion from these challenging times. They call it the “Merry Month of May,” so let’s try to find something to be merry about.

First, I am happy to announce the paperback release of DEEP HARBOR. As I mentioned in last month’s introduction, I am a news junkie. At the time I first started writing the novel there was a lot of talk about the “Dark Web” which I still don’t completely understand, but I know it exists. Throw in a big dash about insider trading among our elected officials.  Our heroine, grapples with the suicide of her boss, and believes her life is being threatened. After several close calls she is swept into Witness Protection. The loss of her family members to boating related accidents makes it even more difficult for her to accept her relocation—a fishing and sailing community in Maine. Wrestling with trying to find her purpose in life, she must navigate a course through her doubt and fears. I was delighted to get this wonderful quote about the book. There are so many layers to this story; as each is peeled back and reveled to the reader, it’s the heart, soul, and resilience of CJ, a strong female character, that endears Deep Harbor to us.”—Delilah, Radio Host And Bestselling Author

Second, and very, very  important, is the celebration of Mother’s Day. While this year will be challenging for many I would like to offer an idea for those Mom’s who have been sheltered at home with their kids—a Mother-Daughter Tea Party!  I’d like you to send me photos of your tea party to enter to win a basket of baked goods. And if any of the boys are aspiring chefs we’ll let them participate too!

Here is a traditional tea-party menu:

Classic afternoon finger sandwiches:

Egg salad

Cucumber & cream cheese

Smoked salmon & cream cheese

Roast Beef

Chicken Salad

Make the sandwiches out of white bread.

Cut the crust off the bread and cut the sandwiches in half at an angle.

Scones, Tea, and Voila!

Third, and also especially important:  May is National Pet Adoption Month.  Please think about our  furry friends and help give one a furr-ever home. Send us a photo of you and your new family member and enter to win a box of goodies for your new pal.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you come on by again soon.

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By the way, I am thrilled to report Home Sweet Home, made the New York Times Best Seller list for the month of April!


Thanks for visiting.

Stay safe and be well.