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The Sisterhood Series

The Texas Series

The Vegas Series

The Kentucky Series

The Texas Series

8 children
Seth, Josh, Sallie, Peggy, and three little ones
unnamed in books

Seth Coleman
Born 1-22-1892
Deceased 7-30-1970
Married Jessica Hele Connors Riley on 9-5-1915

Jessica Hele Connors Riley
Born 5-9-1896
Deceased 11-1943

2 Children
Amelia Edna Coleman
Moss Seth Coleman

Amelia Edna Coleman
Born 5-27-1920
Deceased 3-6-1990
Married Geoffrey Rand on 7-5-1944

Amelia adopted Geoffrey’s son Rand Nelson

Rand had an illegitimate daughter, Chesney Brighton

Born 6-26-1964
Her mother was Marion Brighton

Amelia’s 2nd. husband was Cary Assante, Born 3-12-1947

Moss Coleman
Born 4-9-1918
Deceased 1-12-1974
Married Willa (Billie) Ames on 6-17-1942

3 Children
Margaret Jessica Coleman
Susan Amelia Coleman
Riley Seth Coleman

Billie’s married her 2nd. husband Thaddeus Kingsley on 6-20-1984
He was born 2-22-1918

Margaret Jessica
Born 2-4-1943

Illegitimate Daughter Sawyer Coleman
Born 3-6-1968

Married Crannston Tanner

1 son
Coleman Peter Tanner
Born 4-2-1969

Married Rand Nelson 8-1-1986

Married Henry Tanaka

Susan Amelia Coleman
Born 2-6-1944

Married Jerome De Moray on 7-9-1966
Born 12-6-1940

1 Daughter Jessica Margret De Moray
Born 2-4-1985
Deceased 7-7-1989

2nd marriage to Ferris Armstrong on 11-6-1986

Riley Seth Coleman
Born 9-2-1945
Deceased 10-19-1969

Married Otami Hasegauwa on 6-8-1967

1 son
Rile Shadaharu Coleman
Born 9-18-1967

Married Ivy Buckalew on 8-5-1990

1 Son
Moss Shadaharu Coleman
Born 11-11-1991

Sayer Coleman
Born 3-6-1956

Maried Adam Jarris on 7-1-1990

1 stepson

Twin Daughters
Josephine & Katherine Jarris
Born 4-5-91

Expecting twins again

Coleman Peter Tanner
Born 4-2-1969
Married Sumi Hasegawa on 11-2-1990
Born 5-1-1974

1 Daughter
Billie Otami Amelia Cole
Born 4-20-1982

The Vegas Series

Sallie Coleman Family Tree

Sallie Coleman Married Phillip Thornton

2 sons
Ashford Phillip & Simon Wilcox Thorton
Born 9-20-1926

Ash Married Fanny Logan on 1-4-1944

4 children
Twins Birch Cole Coleman & Sage Logan Thornton

2 Daughters

Sunny & Billie Thornton

Birch Engaged to Lily Bell she died in a car wreck

Birch Married Iris

1 daughter

& twins
Ruby Fanny & Metaxas Ash

Sage And Iris Adopted Sunny’s son & daughter Jake And Polly

Sunny married Tyler Ford

Sunny’s 2nd husband was Harry

Sunny and Tylers Children

Jake Mathew & Polly

Phillip Thornton had an illigitlmate daughter with Red Ruby

Named Ruby Thornton. She Married Metaxas Parish

Fanny’s 2nd husband Simon Thornton

Fanny’s 3rd. hisband Marcus Reed

The Kentucky Series

Josh Coleman Family Tree

Josh Coleman married Martha Ridley (Marty)

3 children Rhy, Pyne, and Nealy

Seth Coleman was their biological father

There was a marriage between Martha and Seth, although it may not have been legal

Nealy had an illegitimate daughter, Emmie with Dillon Roland when she was 16 or 17 years old.

Nealy ran away from home with Emmie and was taken in and adopted by Maud (Dianond) & Jess Wooley after she turned 18.

Nealy married Hunt Clay they had a son Nick

Nealy took Emmie’s freind Buddy Owens to raise after his parents were killed and no one in his family wanted him because he was deaf.

Emmie married Buddy Owens

He divorced her when she learned to talk, not knowing she was pregnant.

She had a daughter named Gabby.

Emmie didn’t tell Buddy about the child until Gabby was several years old.

Nick married Willow Bishop.

She left him shortly after the marriage.

Nick’s second marriage was to Annabell Lee

they had Twin daughters

Nealy’s 2nd husband was Hatch Littletree

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