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Myra Rutledge
is the brains of the outfit, and is fabulously wealthy. She’s sixty something and is slim and sharp. When her daughter, Barbara, is killed in a hit-and-run accident by a Chinese politician with diplomatic immunity, Myra is driven to form the Sisterhood to avenge her daughter’s death and help others who have been let down by the justice system.

Anna Ryland de Silva (Annie)
is a Countess with more money than Fort Knox. She is Myra’s friend from childhood, and is in her sixties too. She wears glasses at times. Both are in good shape. Annie wears white rhinestone cowgirl boots. She’s the mover and the shaker, can pole dance, etc. Gray hair – she is slim and sharp.

Nikki Quinn
is Myra’s adopted daughter. She too is driven by the senseless loss of her sister as well as her devotion to her mother. As a powerful attorney, she knows all too well the pitfalls and shortcomings of the “justice” system. She recently married Jack.

Lizzie Fox Cricket
is the sharpest lawyer in the world, has silver hair, a shape to die for, and is always one step ahead of anything involving the legal systems. She has a Rolodex to equal the White House’s connections. She was Chief White House Counsel for a little while and has an “in” with the current female president. Law school buddies back in the day. Lizzie is the same age as the others, late 30’s. Silver hair.

Kathryn Lucas
is the tallest of the girls, and has dark brown hair. One of Nikki’s former clients, she is the first woman vindicated by the Sisterhood as they extract their revenge upon the three white-collar bikers who brutally raped her while her disabled husband was forced to watch. She has a nuclear engineering degree from MIT but she likes the freedom driving the big rig as a long distance truck driver.

Alexis Thorn
was a successful broker whose career was on the rise. But that was before she was wrongly imprisoned for fraud. Suddenly her life was destroyed: thrown into prison for a year while the true criminals, spent the profits from the scam on themselves. She now works as a personal shopper. She has incredibly long legs, and is a master of disguise.

Isabelle Flanders
had everything: her own architectural firm, a fiance, a life she deserved. Until a colleague stole it all. Took her career, her man, and even framed her for drunk driving killing three innocent people in the process. She has finally regained her architect’s license and is rebuilding her life as a single professional.

Yoko Akia
Is a florist and owns a plant nursery. She is a martial arts expert and can kill without leaving a mark. She recently married Harry Wong.

Charles Martin
is an ex british spy. Although retired from MI6, his network of contacts and expertise aid the Sisterhood in their missions. He is also an gourmet chef and delights in cooking for the girls. He lives with Myra.

Maggie Spritzer
is the EIC of the Post. Annie owns the Post. She was an investigative reporter turned IEC. She lives for Pulitzers. She looks like Little Orphan Annie, curly hair, loaded with freckles. She chews her nails and is engaged to Ted Robinson.

Ted Robinson
is Maggie’s fiancé and star investigative reporter. Ted is tall and lanky, he’s the best of the best in the journalism world. Together a dynamite duo.

Joe Espinosa
is a photo journalist with the Post. He’s tall, olive skinned, good looking. But not slick. He and Alexis are an item.

Jack Emery
is a federal prosecutor. He’s a tall good looking guy. He’s got a black belt. He is married to Nikki.

Harry Wong
is a martial arts expert. He is married to Yoko. He’s tops in the world of martial arts. He and Jack are like brothers but they have a love hate relationship. Either one would kill for the other. Harry trains all the law enforcement officers in D.C. including the FBI agents as well as the CIA agents. You don’t mess with Harry.

Bert Navarro
is the good looking former head of the FBI. He hooks up with Kathryn.

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