Many of Fern’s paperbacks can be bought in hardcover from many of the book clubs. Doubleday Book Club is a great place to start. They also offer large print editions.


If her abusive husband hadn’t tried to kill her and her beloved dog Lucie, Helen Ward might never have left her million-dollar home and run far away. Now Helen’s changed her identity and moved across the country, hopeful that she can be safe, happy, maybe even loved. And when she meets college professor Sam Tolliver, she begins to believe fairytales do come true. ISBN: 1575665735


“A Bright Red Ribbon” — It’s the Christmas tale of a young woman lost in a snow storm on Christmas Eve and the magnificent Golden Retriever who finds her. It’s also the tale of a most unlikely hero, one you root for all the way. ISBN: 0821770624


Lorrie Ryan looks forward to taking her young nephew Davey on a camping trip, even though it’s been arranged for the sole purpose of keeping him out of harm’s way while his father testifies for the prosecution in a big drugs trial. No matter what the reason, it’ll be fun for both of them, and give Davey a break from his demanding, over-protective mother.

But events take a sinister turn when, on their first morning at the campsite, Davey vanishes during a fishing expedition. Lorrie alerts the local police but they fail to find the boy so, in desperation, she contacts Stuart Stevens – the detective responsible for protecting the family during the trial.

Stuart flies from Miami to New Jersey to oversee the search, and during the tense hours that follow, he and Lorrie draw gradually closer to one another, united in their concern for Davey. Bit if they knew what was really happening out in the woods, they’d be far more worried than they already are . . .
ISBN# 0-7278-5515-8


Angela Steinhart has had premonitions of disaster ever since she was a little child. But no one ever believes her until it’s far too late. Christmas is only two weeks away when Angela “sees” a bomb explode in her local shopping mall. The carnage she witnesses is horrific and she desperately tries to convince the mall officials of her fears…


Cathy Bissette thought she had left everything behind – the publishing job, the glamour of New York, the broken heart – for a quiet three-month vacation at home on the shores of North Carolina. But the moment Jared Parsons sailed the lavish Sea Gypsy into Pamlico Sound, she knew her quiet refuge was ruined. She wasn’t sure what bothered her more about this stranger – his arrogant attitude or the passions he inspired. Was Cathy Running away again? Or heading into the arms of a man she hated to love?


Ariel Hart was once one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses, but over te years she’s become tired of the empty glamour and broken dreams. Now she wants to put some meaning back into her life. So with her faithful housekeeper, Dolly, she returns to the place where she was once truly happy – where she was plain Aggie Bixby, in love with a dark-eyed boy names Felix…

In Chula Vista, Ariel buys a trucking company. To the delight of Dolly and the disgruntled surprise of her burly drivers, she throws herself into the running of the business. Then she comes across one of her customers, wealthy rancher Lex Sanders. There’s something familiar about those smoldering eyes . . . something that reminds her of a love so perfect that it couldn’t possibly last. This time, however, she isn’t lured away by the bright lights of Hollywood. This time, she’s ready to stay and give love a chance.


Josie and Kitty Dupre are orphaned twin sisters trying to keep their late parents’ catering company afloat. On the eve of he hectic spring catering season, Josie’s life is turned upside down by the arrival of Paul Brouillette and his rambunctious boxer, Zip, who takes one look at Josie’s now-white Maltese and instantly bonds with the tiny dog. Despite all efforts to keep them apart, the two dogs are inseparable, which causes problems—romantic and otherwise—for their owners.Suddenly Josie feels the strong sense of her mother’s presence. Is that her favorite perfume he smells in an empty room? She hears music that isn’t playing on the radio. Could it be, Josie wonders, that her Mother understands…and might be trying to send her a message?

A special bonus at the back of the book : Two snappy singles from Corinda Carford’s latest CD, “Mr. Sandman.” Any woman who’s ever worn pantyhose will appreciate the singer’s sultry song. Fern and Corinda were at a publishing function together. They talked at great length about their love of animals and their dislike of pantyhose. Corinda, a graduate of The University of Miami’s School of Music brings many contemporary genres of music together in “Mr. Sandman.”

For more information on Corinda, visit her web site at

RECIPES…from Fern Michaels®


I wrote this book originally for Headline Stoddard in England several years ago. Now, Kensington Books will be publishing it in September of 1999. It’s an interesting novel and one I am very proud of because it deals with friendship, something I personally treasure. My old Polish grandmother used to say if you had one true friend, you were indeed rich. Then she said something kind of funny to me at the time. She asked a question. When you think you found that one true friend, ask yourself if you would trust that friend with your children and your money. If the answer is yes, then you have a true friend. I am blessed with five such friends in my life.


is a special kind of book in my opinion because it deals with a specific problem that most of us hate to think about or deal with. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to tackle it for fear of offending some of my readers. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was when the book came out and the bushels of mail flooded in. Seven very personal written from the heart letters let me know I didn’t make a mistake. When people write you and say you literally saved their lives, you have to sit up and take notice. One lady from Oklahoma wrote to say she was on her third copy because she read and re read the book so many times before she had the courage to do something about her life. As in all my books, Emily is a character who turns her life around because she had the courage to take that tiger by the tail and swing wide and hard. If you persevere, you will prevail. It’s been my motto all my life so it’s only natural that I instill that same motto in my female characters.


was one of my very first contemporary books written for Pocket Books and reprinted now for tenth time. A brief summary follows.

Cade Harris shook the dust of Hayden, Louisiana, off his feet eighteen years ago, aided by his football prowess, his movie-star good looks–and most of all by a handsome payoff from Foster Doyle Hayden, who thought that Cade wasn’t good enough for his daughter, Irene. Cade enjoyed a prosperous career, and more than his share of beautiful women. Now, his fortunes running low, Cade is coming home for his last chance at the big time . . . and so much more.

When Irene Hayden married someone else, and, too few months later, gave birth to a boy, Cade was shocked. Yet he kept to his side of the bargain until a secret with Delta Oil gave him the excuse to see his son and the golden, tempestuous woman he should have claimed long ago.

But before Irene there was Sunny Waters, a girl who, like Cade, came from the wrong side of the tracks. Sunny gave herself to him, heart and soul, and they shared a pure, white-hot passion. Then Irene Hayden snapped her fingers and Cade went running. Now Cade will discover how much can change when girls become women . . and that sometimes a banked fire may be reignited, to blaze hotter than before . . .

Tell me this doesn’t set your heart to fluttering. Enjoy one of my first contemporary novels.


is a rather small book in size but big on content. It’s a book I wrote early on in my career. I’m pleased to announce that Ballantine Books has reprinted it for the eleventh time.

“All She Can Be” is based on a true story so that sets the tone for the book almost immediately. Rita Bellamy is a character who literally fights for her place in time as she struggles to find happiness in a world where love and duty to often collide. It’s also a story about second chances, something most of us would like to experience. I think you’re going to like Rita Bellamy and you’re going to love Twigg, the man of the hour.


I think most of you who are familiar with my writing know that I started out writing historical romances and then moved into the contemporary writing field in the early 80’s. “Wild Honey”, published by Pocket Books is one of my favorite historicals and has been reprinted for the tenth time. A small summary follows.

Sloan MacAllister was the loyal white brother of a mighty Seminole Chief — an American renegade pledged to save a proud tribe from a cruel general’s ruthlessness during the Indian Wars. Deep in the lush Florida wilderness, he encountered a savage golden-haired beauty, raised by the Indians since childhood. A gift to him from the grateful Chief Osceola, lovely Chala joined Sloan in the battle for the Seminoles’ freedom. She was a fierce warrior in a noble cause . . . a woman whose love defied the treacheries of fate . . . and a passionate companion as sweet and untamed as . . . Wild Honey.


is the unforgettable story of the Thornton dynasty that is played out against the dazzling rise of Las Vegas from a dusty mining town to a glittering gamblers haven. Vegas Rich is an enthralling story of power and passion, lust and ambition . . . of bitter rivalries and unswerving family devotion . . .of dreams lost and love found.


is a poignant and passionate tale of pride and ambition, heartbreak and betrayal. Vegas Heat resonates with drama and emotion. It is the story of a family’s struggle for success against all odds and their search for love and acceptance.


is the spellbinding conclusion to the Vegas series that tells the riveting story of a family torn apart by treachery and betrayal, yet ultimately redeemed by love. Passionate and proud, devoted and divided, the Thorntons are Fern Michael’s® most beloved characters.

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