Paperback June 25, 2013
#21 in the Sisterhood Series
Publisher: Kensington
ISBN: 978-1-4201-2148-3

FINALLY!!!! Here is what you’ve been waiting for… GOTCHA!

Revenge Is Never Outdated
Sometimes, justice is a long time coming. That’s the case withJulie Wyatt, whose story strikes close to home for the original founder of the Sisterhood, Myra Rutledge, and her best friend–and fellow Sister–Annie. Julie is convinced her greedy daughter-in-law Darlene had something to do with the mysterious circumstances surrounding her son Larry’s death. She desperately wants to get a confession out of Darlene–and to secure the safety of Larry’s daughter, Olivia. As Myra, Annie and their cohorts dig deeper into Darlene’s shady dealings, events unfurl in a way that no one could have predicted, bringing to light the true meaning of loyalty ad courage–and the kind of friendship that can create miracles…

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